The Problem

Holding up your IT department for many hours every time you make a change in your company’s Salesforce database.

The Solution

Quick and maintenance-free operation – simply prepare a Salesforce database export schedule once and Connectico will do the rest!

Why Connectico?

Easy to setup
Simple launch of external reports (e.g. Tableau) using Salesforce data
Automatic fields synchronisation
Retrieves large amounts of data in a short period of time
Available in both on premise and SaaS mode
Saleforce database integration with other systems

Connectico provides access data in a simple, quick and maintenance-free manner which customers will love!


Saving time and resources

Configuration within a few minutes? This is possible in Connectico! Quick, maintenance-free and almost instantaneous Salesforce export to a database (eg. Postgresql, Oracle, MS SQL).

After the initial configuration and setting up a schedule, you don’t have to sign in to the application every day!


Connectico provides a large number of available objects/data under license. You have the option to choose the Salesforce objects you are interested in. Connectico enables Salesforce database integration and running it on your own infrastructure.


Create a schedule for downloading data (e.g. on a daily basis) and the data will be downloaded without your participation.

Security for a low price

Connectico provides you with seamless, systematic Salesforce backup. It will reduce your backup and archiving costs (infrastructure, administration, solution implementation).

GDPR support

Do you want to manage personal data efficiently? Connectico can help!

You can quickly retrieve from Salesforce and aggregate information with legally sensitive data, depending on your needs or legal requirements.

Advanced analyses

Connectico will provide your company with data allowing to create analyses and reports which show the situation in sales, marketing, at customers (current and potential), etc.

With Connectico, you can use the popular tools operating on SQL databases such as Tableau, Power BI or other reporting tools, showing the current business situation, trends and preparing business forecasts.

Minimized archiving costs

By archiving within its own infrastructure, Connectico reduces ETL developer’s costs and time to match fields, storing your archived data in Salesforce.

  • Saving time and resources
  • Flexibility
  • Automation
  • Security for a low price
  • GDPR support
  • Advanced analyses
  • Minimized archiving costs

functions does
Connectico have?

  • Salesforce sync to database (ORACLE, POSTGRESQL, MS SQL).
  • Synchronization of the chosen objects with various databases.
  • Possibility of defining the name (chart, column) in the database.
  • Possibility of adding/removing objects in the fields to be synchronized.
  • Possibility of downloading binary data (base64 fields).
  • Data monitoring (change of sensitive data in Salesforce, deleting a considerable number of records).
  • Access to historical data and changes in time (versioning) – available in the case of installation using the client’s infrastructure.

Technical information


are done via web GUI. No need to install it on every device

Cloud Installation

You don’t have to keep your own server, so you can save money

Database tamplate

Connectico automatically creates a database template that corresponds to the Salesforce object structure

Automatic modification

The application can automatically modify (add or remove charts/fields) so as to synchronize the database structure with the structure of Salesforce objects

Pricing plans

at all
50 000
lines per month
Synchronized objects
environments available
Your database
Connectico database*
€ 229.00
per month
2 000 000
lines per month
No limit
Synchronized objects
No limit
environments available
Your database
Connectico database
€ 459.00
per month
10 000 000
lines per month
No limit
Synchronized objects
No limit
environments available
Your database
Connectico database
No limit
lines per month
No limit
Synchronized objects
No limit
environments available
Your database
Connectico database
On premise version

The price list applies to cloud installations.

*The Connectico database will be maintained for a period of 14 days, after which you must provide your own database. Scheduled tasks will be automatically disabled after 30 days.

**Please contact us if you want to receive a quote for installation on your company’s infrastructure.

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